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The River Region Master Teaching Fellows Program is designed to develop teacher leaders through tailored coursework, engaging activities, targeted mentoring efforts, and community engagement. Our goal is to find 15 top-notch middle and high school STEM teachers ready to learn how to practice hands-on, evidence-based, scientific research; to integrate place-based activities into their classrooms and districts; and to build the STEM community within the River Region. We believe that together we can bring about a significant and positive change in STEM literacy and achievement within the River Region.

This is a five-year program that integrates content enhancement, research experiences, pedagogy, and leadership development. The program’s content elements follow a progression through the topics of leadership and general sustainability concepts: toxicology and waste management, biodiversity, climate change, and energy. The coursework and Summer Research Immersions follow through these topics and culminate in a graduate Certificate in Sustainability designed specifically for teachers and the completion of nine hours of principal endorsement coursework.