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A family viewing a solar oven demonstration
A teacher and student demonstrating water erosion models
A student showing awe at holding a snake and the snake handler looking happy that the student is inspired
Two girls looking intently at native wildlife skins
A family making collages out of old magazines

About Us

The Innovations in STEM Education Fund, part of the Southern Illinois Community Foundation, is committed to broadening participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by making the process and content of science/engineering relevant to the people in our community. Through work with schools and teachers, we will infuse meaningful exploratory activities into classrooms and we will serve as a resource for effective, best-practices in STEM teaching and learning. Our outreach and collaborative efforts with community leaders and organizations will enhance STEM understanding and experiences, thereby expanding career opportunities, informing our citizenry and impacting policies and practices related to STEM in our region.

The fund directly supports professional development and leadership opportunities for STEM teachers across southern Illinois. Teachers are awarded small grants and engage in innovative experiential approaches that are designed to enhance student involvement and interest in STEM learning.


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Family Eco Festival

Save the Date! Family Eco Festival returns on September 30, 2023. Follow the Facebook page to stay updated about activities, food, music, and fun. This fundraiser benefits Innovations in STEM Education. Join us for an awesome day to benefit southern Illinois teachers and their classrooms!

Flyer for the Family Eco Festival on September 30, 2023.

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